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At the evening concert of the Second London Mandolin Festival 2010
At the evening concert of the Second London Mandolin Festival 2010

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London has a long and rich tradition of mandolin orchestras spanning over a century. Did you know that there used to be a mandolin and guitar group in every borough of London? The London Mandolin Festival aims to inspire plucked string ensembles and groups all over London by uniting mandolin and guitar players in one mass orchestra and performing substantial pieces to show Londoners that music for mandolin and guitar orchestra is interesting and fun; preserving the traditions but giving it a modern twist.


Day rehearsals in central London are organised starting at 11:30am and ending at 3:30pm. Attendance of the rehearsal is not compulsory but full attendance is recommended.
The music for the festival performance is sent to players months in advance of the first rehearsal. This music is chosen from what is performed at similar mandolin festivals, from recommendations from players, and in consultation with various experts. Click here for more information about what we play.

local practices

Informal local rehearsals are also organised around London and in Cambridge between rehearsals to give players more opportunities to practice pieces in a group context. Player's positions in the orchestra is dependent on the skill level of the player and their attendance of rehearsals in London or otherwise. Click here for more information.

final concert

The main event of the festival is the final performance. A concert is held open to the public. As well as the festival pieces, players are invited to perform a piece for the final concert as a soloist or as part of a small group.
Mandolin Music by Ann Carr Boyd
at the Second London
Mandolin Festival 2010

Explore the music pages for full details of each Festival's programme


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