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First London Mandolin Festival 2009

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The pieces below were performed at the First London Mandolin Festival concerts on Sunday 17 May 2009. All works were performed by the combined mandolin orchestra unless otherwise specified. Please contact us if any recordings listed here should be removed. These recordings are not for commercial distribution and are for personal or educational use only.
John Peterson
(1957 — )
Under Sydney Skies
(On Crests of Waves)

Concert Recording
Peterson’s music generally reflects his interest in tonal idioms as well as the energy and rhythmic propulsion inherent in many popular music styles. See the 2012 Festival’s music page for more details.
Eileen Pakenham
(1914 — 2009)
Four Sea Pictures

Concert Recording
One of Pakenham’s many experimental compositions written for mandolin orchestra. Pakenham lived in Harpenden, Hertfordshire and was a supporter of the now disbanded London Mandolin Ensemble.
Ferdinando Carulli
(1770 — 1841)
Duo in G, Opus 34

Lorna Mackay and Ken Hattersley on guitar
Concert Recording of 2nd Movement
Well known in the classical guitar world. Carulli was not only a prolific composer of music specifically for the guitar, he performed brilliantly himself, taught the instrument and helped the guitar to the physical form it is used in today.
Joseph Lacalle
(1860 — 1937)

Concert Recording
A well known popular song reaching Number 1 on Billboard charts in 1941
Turlough O'Carolan arr Bruno Szordikowski
(1670 – 1738)
Planxty O'Carolan

A lively arrangement of six traditional Irish tunes. O'Carolan was one of the last Irish harpers to compose, and a significant number of his works survive in single line melody and are widely played in folk music sessions in the British Isles and beyond.
Nicola Romaldi
(1680 — 1740)
Sinfonia in do maggiore per due Mandole e Basso Continuo

Roberto Garcia on Mandolin 1, Ian Segui on Mandolin 2, Steve Smith on Guitar, Martin Kilroy on Double Bass
Concert Recording of 1st Movement - Allegro
Romaldi would have written his works for an earlier type of mandolin, known as the 'Mandolino'. This particular work does transfer itself very well to the modern mandolin.
Nawata Masaji


Travis Finch on mandolin
Concert Recording
Sakura is Japanese for "cherry blossom" and is also the name of a folk tune well known in Japan. Travis Finch studied at Trinity College of Music under the instruction of the late Alison Stephens.
Emmanuelle Barbella
(1710 — 1773)
Trio G-Dur

Concert Recording of 1st Movement - Allegro
Concert Recording of 2nd Movement - Largo
Concert Recording of 3rd Movement - Allegro
A baroque piece taught at the mandolin course in Wansfell College where some players in the orchestra learnt to play the mandolin.
Manos Hadjidakis
(1925 — 1994)
Greek Suite

Hadjidakis is an award winning Greek composer well known for his composition of Never on Sunday.
Harry Hasler

The Ilford Waltz

Concert Recording
Harry for a long time, organised and directed the now disbanded Ilford BMG Orchestra. Harry lived in Essex where he wrote new pieces of music for mandolin orchestra.