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Second London Mandolin Festival 2010

Rumba Rhythm and Dance Logo
The theme for the Second London Mandolin Festival on Sunday 23 May 2010 was
Rumba: Rhythm+ Dance
where the rumba rhythm was featured in four of the orchestral pieces. The works were all performed by the combined mandolin orchestra, unless otherwise specified.
Dieter Kreidler
(1943 - )
Rumba fur Zupforchester
(Rumba for Plucked String Orchestra)

Concert Recording
Kreidler is director of our German counterparts, the BDZ (Bund Deutscher Zupfmusik), and a composer of pieces for plucked string ensembles. This piece is popular with plucked string orchestras in the UK and serves as a good example for variations of the Rumba rhythm 123 123 12 and 123 12 123.
Ann Carr-Boyd
(1938 - )
Mandolin Music

Concert Recording
An Australian composer, Ann Carr Boyd studied composition in London with Peter Racine Fricker and Alexander Goehr.
Mandolin Music
is one of her many works once described as a beautiful idiomatic work composed of nine moving parts.
Peter Hoch
(1937 - )
Baska Voda

Baska Voda
is a modern work featuring an accordion solo and percussion accompaniment. Many participants of the festival are still guessing why the piece is called
Baska Voda
Robert Aylies

Les Joyeux Mandolinistes
(The Happy Mandolinists)

Concert Recording
This piece is dedicated to Alan Headon and Michael Bratter who both enjoyed playing this piece. Originally set as a small ensemble piece, the orchestra unanimously voted to perform the piece as a full orchestra.
Eduardo Angulo
(1954 - )
De Aires Antiguo

Travis Finch on mandolin and Emily O'Hara on guitar
Concert Recording
Eduardo Angulo was born in Argentina and studied composition at The National Conservatory of Music of Mexico in Mexico City. He wrote
De Aires Antiguos
as a tribute to his mother and father. The piece features the Huapango rhythm, a juxtaposition of three beats against two. Angulo describes this rhythmic device as 'always together, always a continuation of one another. Just Like my parents.'
Traditional, arr Gennaro Fiondella

Michael and Claude Geney

Toni Jacque and Corinne Bideaux

Brenda Thompson, Jayne Buckingham, Valerie Coe and Stuart Sparkes on accordion
In gratitude for the services of the accordionist Brenda Thompson, the Thurrock Accordion Club and Fairkytes Accordion Club were invited to perform several short pieces. The accordion clubs in London are unfortunately also facing problems where members are ageing and not being accepted as "proper" classical musicians. We hoped this performance would help them find new players and change mindsets about accordion groups.
Richard Charlton
(1955 - )
Dances for Mandolin & the Moon

Concert Recording
Born in the UK, Charlton moved to Australia at an early age. Charlton has mostly composed for Guitar ensembles but in recent years has been requested to compose for mandolin orchestra. This piece made its international premier at the 2006 BDZ Zupfmusik Festival in Bamberg, Germany.
Yasuo Kuwahara
(1946 - 2003)
Song of Japanese Autumn

Concert Recording
Kuwahara is well known in the mandolin world as a solo mandolinist and composer for mandolin orchestra. As the name suggests, this piece depicts the different faces of a rainy autumn in Japan.
Elke Tober-Vogt
(1957 - )
Klezmer Suite

Elke Tober-Vogt is active in music within Germany teaching youngsters and conducting orchestras as well as composing and publishing music. This grand piece is a mixture of several traditional Klezmer pieces featuring a violin solo introduction, a clarinet solo, accordion solo, tuba accompaniment, and percussion accompaniment.

Danza Cubana

Concert Recording