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London Mandolin Orchestra's Fifth Festival 2013

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Inside the church at the London Mandolin Festival 2012
The London Mandolin Orchestra awaiting the audience of over a hundred who attended the 2012 festival
For our Fifth London Mandolin Festival we have the pleasure of including the beautiful sound of flutes. All works to be performed by the combined mandolin orchestra unless otherwise specified.
Eileen Pakenham
(1914 - 2009)

Pakenham is a sentimental favourite of the orchestra as she lived nearby in Hertfordshire and supported several London mandolin groups. We performed Kithara in 2011 and we see the return of this delicate piece in 2013.
Elke Tober-Vogt
(1957 - )
English Suite

Featuring Jan Coetzee on flute
A collection of old English songs and dances we're sure you will be familiar with including Scarborough Fair, Greensleeves, and Little Brown Jug. This suite has a big sound similar to Tober-Vogt's Klezmer Suite which we performed in 2010.
John Bratton
(1867 - 1947),
arr Charles Peter Lynch

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Kate Cuzner

Dog 'n Bone Rag

Charles-Camille Saint Saens
(1835 - 1921)
The Elephant

Terry Gilkyson
(1916 - 1999)
The Bare Necessities

Opal Flutes
The Opal Flutes is a friendly flute choir based in East Dulwich. As well as providing us with one of their flautists (Nim DiRicci) we will also have the pleasure of hearing them in concert. Their music tastes are similar to ours and so if you have enjoyed our concerts before, we guarantee that you will enjoy the Opal Flutes. Read more about the Opal Flutes at
Michelle Nelson

Capricorn Light

Featuring Jan Coetzee on flute
Originally written for the Moonlight Mandolins group from Cambridge, we have borrowed this beautiful atmospheric piece for this year's concert. We performed Michelle's Zupf Earth at our 2012 concerts.
Johann Albrechtsberger
(1736 - 1809),
arr Anna Langley

Concertino in D

Featuring Jan Coetzee on flute
As well as leading our 1sts section, Anna Langley has arranged this piece for our orchestra. Anna has based her arrangement on the 1974 edition from Laszlo Somfai. This concertino is a stately and dynamic baroque piece
Ann Carr-Boyd
(1938 - )
Way Out

Featuring Nim DiRicci on flute
We performed Carr-Boyd's Mandolin Music in 2010, and this year she has written a jazzy new work for the orchestra. An Australian composer, she came to watch our performance in 2010 and we hope to see her again this year at our concert.
Claudio Mandonico
(1957 - )

As with Mandonico's Prelude and Fugue which we performed in 2011, Ceciliana has elements of classical and jazz, starting with a central theme and then continuing with 10 variations.
JS Bach
(1685 - 1750),
arr James Young

Actus Tragicus, Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit

(God's time is the best time)

Domenico Scarlatti
(1685 - 1757),
arr Victor Kioulaphides

Sonata K. 430

London Mandolin Ensemble
The LME formed last year as a continuation of the Kings Cross Mandolin Group. Made up of players from our orchestra and conducted by pianist and composer James Young, the group has a strong focus on articulation of sound. LME will perform two baroque pieces, the first a sacred cantata, the second a bolder sonata.
Mirko Schrader
(1964 - )
Divertimento Capriccioso

Schrader is a german componist and guitarist, who studied under plucked string composers Szordikowski and Kreidler both of whom we have performed pieces from. Divertimento Capriccioso is a complex piece of intertwining parts.
Antonius Streichardt
(1936 - )

Nim DiRicci on flute, Sylvain Lewandowski on mandolin
An aphorism is an original thought spoken and written in a concise and memorable form as reflected in this modern/contemporary duet. Streichardt is a german composer from Erfurt.