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London Mandolin Orchestra's Sixth Festival 2014

The 6th festival concert will celebrate the role of the British Banjo Mandolin and Guitar Federation Rally in the musical life of the London Mandolin Orchestra's players. The concert programme will feature works performed by the orchestra and by its participants

London Mandolin Orchestra

Valentin Roeser
(1735 - 1782)
Sonata 6 - 'A Grand Orchestre'

Roeser was a German composer and clarinettist. This stately piece played in the baroque style is in three movements - allegro di molto con brio, romance un peut lent and presto finale. The orchestra performed this piece at the Rally.
Turlough O'Carolan
(1670 - 1738)
Planxty O'Carolan

A lively arrangement of six traditional Irish tunes. O'Carolan was one of the last Irish harpers to compose, and a significant number of his works survive in single line melody and are widely played in folk music sessions in the British Isles and beyond.
Carl Zeller
(1842 - 1898)
Der Vogelhändler

Zeller’s most famous operetta is a bucolic comedy, set in the 18th-century Rhineland, featuring two lovers, Adam, a handsome bird seller from the Tyrol and Christel, the village postmistress. They, at cross-purposes, become involved in romantic complications at the Court of the reigning Prince. After a number of intrigues and misunderstandings, all ends happily.

Moonlight Mandolins

The Moonlight Mandolin Orchestra, formerly known as the Moonlight Mandolins, has performed in and around Cambridge for the past ten years. The orchestra’s dedicated amateur musicians regularly perform programmes of fine original music for plucked string orchestra with some high quality arrangements. The name derives more from the practice of moonlighting, than from the light reflected from our nearest celestial body.
Dimitris Lagios
(1952 - 1991)

"To escape from a society where politeness and discretion count as a weakness, in which the one who shouts loudest or speaks incessantly is considered as the most powerful. We hear noises and not just words. The soul asks an escape. Art is now one of the only refuges of modern man, where you can find substance, authenticity and truth." - Lagios
Jean Gabriel Prosper Marie
(1852 - 1928)
Serenade Badine

Marie achieved some success with writing dance music, and some of his tunes found lasting popularity. This is one of them. Originally for cello and piano, Sérénade Badine teases with its coquettish melody. The Moonlight Mandolin Ensemble performed this piece at the Rally.
Michelle Nelson

Ringing the Strings

"Sound the strings - let them chime and fill the air!" The intent of this compact composition for plucked strings is to convey a sense of energy and a love of the joyous sound of a big, beautiful parley of chiming, vibrating, ringing strings. Teacher, composer and performer, Nelson is guitar section leader in the Concordia Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra in Melbourne.

London Mandolin Ensemble

The ensemble was formed in June 2012 by a group of enthusiastic musicians who originally met at Kings Place. Our aim is to maintain the tradition of an ongoing mandolin ensemble in London and to increase interest in mandolin family instruments through concerts, workshops and masterclasses.
arr L. Noore

Partita Antiqua

This collection of short pieces arranged for mandolin orchestra consists of i Intrada, ii Air, iii Menuetto, iv Romance and v Finale. For this performance, LME's Music Director, James Young, has created a new contrabass part for the suite. The London Mandolin Ensemble performed this piece at the Rally.
Johann Adolf Hasse
(1699 - 1783)
Concerto for mandolin in G major

The German composer Hasse, best known for his prolific operatic output, also composed a considerable quantity of sacred music. This surviving early classical concerto for mandolin is a small representation of his skill.
Karl Jenkins
(1944 - )
Palladio — 1st movement

Palladio was written in 1995 and is a three movement concerto grosso. It synthesizes baroque, romantic, classical, and contemporary music in one composition. Palladio employs driving rhythmic figures, traditional harmonies, and exciting dynamic contrasts to reinvent the Baroque era.

Plucked Ensemble Master Class

This new group, under the direction of Travis Finch, meets monthly in central London. It is designed to build the musicianship and ensemble playing skills for existing members of the London Mandolin Ensemble as well as welcoming newcomers at all levels of ability.
Herbert Baumann
(1925 - )
Andalusische Serenade